There's a reason why Brooks Patterson has placed such a high emphasis on technology over the last decade...he's leading the way forward.
The Center for Digital Government. Has ranked Oakland County among the most digitally advanced counties in America for 11 years running.

CLEMIS. Brooks’ Administration manages one of the largest law enforcement and public safety information sharing systems in the United States. The Courts and Law Enforcement Management Information System hosts more than 100 public safety agencies across SE Michigan which enables your local police department to more effectively fight crime and solve cases faster. Brooks recently recommended in his 2017 budget the countywide adoption of the NEXT GENERATION 911 system which will enable 911 users to text and send photographs to 911 public safety dispatchers.

Sustaining Growth in Technological Evolution of the Automobile. Brooks has formed the Oakland County Connected Vehicle Task Force which is focused on making your car “connected.” Brooks wants Oakland County to be the first in America to have a countywide infrastructure to allow cars to connect with each other and the roads around them.

Job Creation

Economists define "full employment" as anything under a 5% unemployment rate. Brooks' job attraction initiatives in the knowledge-based economy have helped Oakland County reach 4.7% unemployment as of June of 2016.
Automation Alley In his 1997 State of the County speech, Brooks launched Automation Alley – a consortium of high tech companies, government entities and educational institutions to compete with the likes of Silicon Valley, Boston’s Route 128 and North Carolina’s Research Triangle. Today, Automation Alley is serving the region with more than 1,000 members spanning 8 counties.

Tech 248 Harnessing the power of more than 2,000 Information Technology companies in Oakland County, Brooks launched Tech 248 to attract investment from around the world in the fastest growing and second largest Emerging Sector. Tech 248 helps tech companies collaborate and attract, develop and retain talent while promoting Oakland County as a global technology hub.

Emerging Sectors In 2004, Brooks created Oakland County’s Emerging Sectors Initiative to identify the top 10 sectors that will attract and retain sustainable, high-paying jobs to Oakland County in the 21st Century. Companies in these emerging sectors are involved in such leading-edge technologies as biotechnology, nanotechnology, wireless communications and alternative energy. More than 393 high-tech companies have invested more than $3.5 billion creating more than 38,700 jobs and retaining nearly 23,400 jobs since its inception.

Maintaining a Balanced Budget

Oakland County is first in the nation to adopt a three year, rolling, line-item budget which is currently balanced through 2021.
"Thoughtful Management vs. Crisis Management." Brooks’ budget is balanced through 2021. The first rolling, 3-year budget in the country allows Oakland County to solve problems before they impact services.

Oakland County has the rare distinction of being the ONLY county in the United States to have fully-funded its pensions and retiree healthcare under Brooks’ Administration. Wall Street applauded the move because it made Oakland County virtually debt free.

AAA Bond Rating Since 1998. Oakland County holds the highest government credit rating possible - even higher than the United States who lost their AAA rating. This enables the county to finance road, sewer and other capital projects at the lowest interest rates available.

"Best Managed County in the Country." A Bond rating analyst once said that because of Brooks’ budget practices, “Oakland County is the best AAA-rated County I have ever seen. You are doing things states don’t even do, in fact, you are doing things some countries don’t even do.”

Q3 - Quality People, Quality County, Quality of Life

Brooks Patterson's vision for a better quality of life in Oakland County includes promoting active and healthy lifestyles.
THE HAP BROOKSIE WAY. What began as quality of life event to encourage residents to get active has grown into one of the premiere races in the United States. Proceeds from the race fund Brooksie Way “minigrants” which support Oakland County organizations whose goal is to improve the health and wellness of our region.

Ford Arts, Beats & Eats. Brooks founded this family-friendly event as a way for the region to celebrate good food, great music and unique art - all while raising money for charity. It attracts hundreds of thousands of people from all over Michigan and the United States each year.

The Rainbow Connection Brooks had a vision to help children who were struggling with health challenges, and in many cases, nearing the end of their life. Brooks established the Rainbow Connection to help local kids get their wishes fulfilled. Because of his vision the Rainbow Connection has granted over 3,000 wishes since its inception. .

Lowering Taxes

Brooks has consistently cut your County taxes since he first became County Executive.
From the time L. Brooks Patterson entered office as County Executive, Brooks has lowered the county millage rate from 4.4805 mills to 4.0400 mills, giving Oakland County residents one of the lowest operational millages in Michigan.

Through the Great Recession, Brooks refused to raise taxes to solve budget challenges. Instead, he tasked his administration with finding innovative budget solutions that would maintain county services without raising taxes.

Regional Leadership. Brooks will fight to insure that Oakland County has a strong voice and a fair seat at the table in regional governance in order to protect Oakland County Taxpayers.