About L. Brooks Patterson

L. Brooks Patterson is transforming Oakland County and Southeast Michigan with his 21st Century vision and no-nonsense leadership. His mission is to make Oakland County one of the best places to live, work, play and raise a family as he moves toward a seventh term as chief executive officer of one of America’s most affluent and progressive counties.

Oakland County has reached full employment - under five percent unemployment – because of Brooks’ successful job growth and retention strategies in the knowledge-based economy. His Emerging Sectors, Medical Main Street, and Tech 248 initiatives have attracted $3.5 billion in private investment creating and retaining 62,100 jobs. Oakland County’s economy also has a global reach with more than 1,000 firms from 38 foreign countries operating inside its borders.

Under Brooks’ 24 years of leadership, Oakland County continues to retain its coveted AAA bond rating. Investment ratings firms recognize Brooks’ administration as the best among counties in the United States because of its multi-year budget - which is balanced through 2021 - and innovation in transitioning employees from a defined benefit to a defined contribution retirement saving taxpayers well over $100 million.

Oakland County is also the premiere dining, entertainment, and shopping destination for Southeast Michigan. Brooks’ Main Street Oakland County (MSOC) program supports development in the county’s 32 downtown areas while preserving the unique and historic character of each destination. Under MSOC, Oakland County’s downtowns have seen more than $668 million in investment which has launched 940 new businesses creating about 6,900 jobs.

Brooks presides over an $826 million annual budget for Fiscal Year 2016 and a county workforce of nearly 4,300 full and part time benefit eligible employees.

Leadership In Action

L. Brooks Patterson has spent the better part of the last two decades developing initiatives that have helped move Oakland County forward.

There's a lot more to managing the County than just keeping the books balanced. It takes ingenuity and forward thinking to develop initiatives which will help the safety, healthcare and welfare of the County's residents.

This is why there are nearly 20 different initiatives that have been created during L. Brooks Patterson's tenure as Oakland County Executive. Brooks' ability to create partnerships and foster innovation is why Oakland County is consistently ranked as one of the top Counties in America.

From Automation Alley to Tech 248 to Medical Mainstreet to Emerging Sectors - L. Brooks Patterson has consistently been ahead of the curve when it has come to creating an environment where there private sector can create jobs.

Learn more about Brooks' commitment to bring jobs to Oakland County on his Leadership page.

L. Brooks Patterson knows how to manage our county's finances.

This is why he began budgeting on three year cycles and has our budget balanced through 2021. He was ahead of the curve on moving county employees from defined benefit to defined contribution and also began an Employee Suggestion Program which has save over $5 million dollars for the county since its inception.

Many people associate Brooks with "The Brooksie Way" - his annual 5k Race as a quality of life event to encourage residents to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle.

But Brooks efforts to bring new ways to help residents foster a healthy lifestyle goes well beyond the race. In recent years, he's also spearheaded the "Count Your Steps" program and Oakfit - Oakland County's newest wellness program.