L. Brooks Patterson

Oakland County Executive

A Legacy of Leadership

L. Brooks Patterson’s innovative leadership has made Oakland County the best in the country. His vision to be the first county in the United States with a balanced, three-year budget along with his deep dive into the knowledge-based economy attracting sustainable, high-paying jobs has made Oakland County the standard by which all other counties are measured. Whether promoting healthy and active lifestyles to boost the quality of life or using technology to improve customer service, Brooks is leading Oakland County into the 21st Century.

Balanced Budget

“Thoughtful Management vs. Crisis Management.” Brooks’ budget is balanced through 2024. The first rolling, three-year budget in the country allows Oakland County to solve problems before they impact services.

Global Oakland

Oakland County is home to over 1,100 foreign firms from 39 countries. Foreign direct investment in Oakland County for the past four years totaled more than $1.1 billion as international companies continue to boost Oakland County’s economy.

Emerging Sectors

A program that identifies the top 10 sectors to attract and retain sustainable, high-paying jobs to Oakland County. More than 470 high-tech companies have invested $5.2 billion creating or retaining more than 91,000 jobs since its inception.

Giving Back

The Employee Suggestion Program has generated more than $5 million worth of taxpayer savings since 1993 while his Casual Day Program has distributed more than $850,000 to local charities (neither involves taxpayer funds).

Rainbow Connection

During the 1980s Brooks established The Rainbow Connection which grants wishes to terminally ill children. To date, the organization has granted more than 3,000 wishes. Brooks serves as president of the organization.

The Brooksie Way

What began as quality of life event to encourage residents to get active has grown into one of the premiere races in the United States. Proceeds fund Brooksie Way “minigrants” which support organizations that improve the wellness of our region.

About L. Brooks Patterson

Under Brooks’ 26 years of leadership, Oakland County continues to retain its coveted AAA bond rating. Investment rating firms recognize Brooks’ administration as the best among counties in the United States because of its multi-year budget – which is balanced through 2024 – and innovation in transitioning employees from a defined benefit to a defined contribution retirement saving taxpayers well over $100 million.